Over the past three years, 92 thousand hectares of previously unused arable land have been put into circulation in the Kurgan region. Until 2024, it is planned to put into circulation an additional at least 100 thousand hectares. In general, land is the main resource for the development of the agro-industrial complex in the region. This was stated by the Deputy Governor of the Kurgan Region for Economic Policy Vladimir Arkhipov, speaking at the Committee on Agrarian and Food Policy and Environmental Management of the Federation Council. The discussion of the development of agriculture took place on September 21, within the framework of the days of the Kurgan region in the SovFed. The meeting was chaired by the chairman of the committee Alexey Mayorov.

Positive changes are taking place in the agro-industrial complex of the Kurgan region. According to Vladimir Arkhipov, in 2019-2021 investments in fixed assets amounted to more than 10.5 billion rubles, over 1,050 new jobs were created. 147 investment projects totaling 12.3 billion rubles are being implemented. This will create more than 1,200 jobs.

The Deputy Governor also spoke about new support measures: for the first time, 67 grants were issued from the regional budget for the creation and development of peasant (farm) farms, as well as for the purchase of animals by personal subsidiary plots (in 2020, the acquisition of 101 heads was subsidized, in 2021, on September 17, 104 head).

Vladimir Arkhipov also mentioned the project “The Russian Dream: The Kurgan Region is Calling!” It provides for free allocation of plots for individual housing, up to 1 hectare for private household plots, from 10 to 100 hectares – when registering a private farm.

He asked to support the region in several directions. First of all, these are additional funds for the development of border regions, where the most difficult situation is with drinking water, gas, and roads.

The second question is the renewal of agricultural machinery in the farms of the region. There are support measures in the region – preferential loans, subsidies, but this is not enough, therefore the region asks to provide federal subsidies for these purposes.

The next questions are the construction and modernization of various agricultural enterprises.

There is potential for the development of dairy farms in the Kurgan region. The region proposes to increase the amount of compensation for the construction of dairy farms up to 50%. Additional support in the form of concessional loans and subsidies would also be relevant for poultry and pig farmers. All this will have a positive effect on the standard of living in the countryside.

“Additional state support will allow in the coming years to build 6 dairy farms, create more than 300 new highly productive jobs, increase milk production by 22 thousand tons per year. And measures to support poultry and pig-breeding complexes will allow our region to build a new poultry farm, 10 pig-breeding complexes (farms), create more than 860 new highly productive jobs, increase meat production by 32 thousand tons per year, ”the Deputy Governor explained.

Governor Vadim Shumkov specified that the region could export meat products to China. But so far it is not enough for this.

In this direction, the region was supported by Senator Elena Zlenko. She noted that the Kurgan region also supplies food to the neighboring northern regions – Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. So the volume of production and the relevance of meat farms should be considered in conjunction with these sales markets.

The region’s proposals will be considered with the participation of the relevant ministries of the Russian government.