Ophthalmological clinic LLC "Eye Microsurgery Center "Visus-1 "
Ophthalmological clinic
LLC "Eye Microsurgery Center
"Visus-1 "
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LLC "Center for Eye Microsurgery" Vizus-1 "

Eye Microsurgery Center Vizus-1, LLC, registered in 2020, the main activity is the activities of hospital organizations.

Doctors of Vizus-1 specialize in the treatment of a wide range of eye diseases, from laser correction of visual acuity to such complex operations as lens replacement in cataracts, laser and surgical treatment of glaucoma and retinal diseases.

Opening of the first ophthalmological clinic in Kurgan. In the clinic “Visus-1” doctors provide a range of services for the treatment of eye diseases. The most common among the population are laser vision correction and ultrasound cataract extraction (lens replacement).

All operations are carried out on the most modern and high-tech equipment, using only imported consumables.


Site: визус-1.рф

Address: Kurgan, st. Krasin, 76

Telephone: 8 (3522) 48-38-28; 48-39-39

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