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Manufacture of Reinforcement Steel (Metal)

Setup of reinforcement steel (metal) production

State support:
1) Provision of a land plot for lease without tender procedures in order to implement large-scale investment projects with the subsequent purchase option
2) Subsidizing equipment leasing by 50%, up to 50 million rubles
3) Reimbursement of costs for construction of industrial premises up to 50% (up to 5 million rubles)
4) Reimbursement of 50% of costs for infrastructure development
5) Target loan for PSEDA residents in monotowns for up to 15 years
6) FER loans up to 500 million rubles at 1% per annum

Economic feasibility:
– High demand for reinforcement steel (metal) due to a wide range of product application
– Highly profitable production
– High strength and reliability coupled with operation and installation comfort make this type of metal products indispensable in any construction. Reinforcement metal is an integral element of reinforced concrete structures
– Reinforcement steel is used in installation of supporting elements and structures, reinforcement of plaster layers, floor screeds, road paving and paving areas, during installation of individual elements of compound mechanisms