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of a Glass Factory

Setup of modern production of high-quality glass vessels to meet the needs of food and processing industry

State support:
1) The provision of a land plot for lease without tender procedures in order to implement large-scale investment projects with the subsequent purchase option
2) Subsidy of equipment leasing by 50%, up to 50 million rubles.
3) Reimbursement of costs for construction of production facilities up to 50% (up to 5 million rubles)
4) Reimbursement of 50% of costs for infrastructure development

Economic feasibility:
— The availability of a proven deposit. The balance reserves of glass sands of the Podbornovskii deposit amount to 313 thousand tons
— The absence of glass production enterprises on the territory of the Kurgan Region. There are 124 manufacturers in Russia
— Mining and hydrogeological conditions of the deposit are favorable for open mining
— The content of SiO2 in the sands is 87.33%, Al2O3-6.21%, Fe2O3-0.83%
— The useful section of the deposit is represented by quartzous fine-grained sands of the Kurtamysh sediments of the Paleogene with an average thickness of 5.6 m.
— The area of the deposit within the boundaries of the approved reserves is 4.4 Ha, sand reserves in categories A+B+C1 are 313 thousand m3
— There are prospects for reserves growth to the south and east of the field
— The sands are suitable to manufacture semi-white, green bottles for food industry. The deposit is located in the state unallocated subsoil reserve fund