Agricultural producers began to actively issue preferential microloans

Six entrepreneurs received microloans from the Microfinance Fund of the Kurgan Region at a reduced interest rate from 0.1% to 3% per annum. The largest sums were taken by the heads of peasant farms for the construction of grain warehouses, modernization of equipment and the purchase of diesel fuel for the sowing campaign in 2022.

Agricultural producers in the region are very interested in state financial aid programs. It is quite simple to apply for and receive a loan. You need to submit an application to the Microcredit Company “Microfinance Fund of the Kurgan Region” and provide a short business plan.

As one of the borrowers Kuzr Davletov, head of the peasant (farm) economy, notes: “The initiative of the governor to fill the agricultural sector with investments, to facilitate the conditions for obtaining preferential microloans is very important for the Kurgan region and is timely. The rate is very favorable – up to 3% per annum. Prices are growing rapidly, and you need to think about preparing for sowing today. ”

The money is credited to the account on the day of the conclusion of the microloan agreement. It is important to understand that you can get them both for an investment project and replenishment of the company’s working capital. Last week alone, more than 13 million rubles of preferential microloans were issued. Businessmen from the Mokrousovsky, Tselinny, Shadrinsky, Schuchansky, Makushinsky and Lebyazhievsky districts received assistance from the regional authorities.

The decision to provide a preferential microloan is made by a specially created Council, headed by Vladimir Arkhipov, Deputy Governor of the Kurgan Region for Economic Policy. The structure includes the Commissioner for the Rights of Entrepreneurs, the President of the Union “Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kurgan”, heads of the Department of Economic Development, Financial Management, the All-Russian public organization of small and medium-sized enterprises “Support of Russia”, the All-Russian public organization “Business Russia”, the Fund “Agency for Technological development of the Kurgan region “, the Fund” Investment Agency of the Kurgan region “.

Since the beginning of the year, 59 entrepreneurs have issued preferential microloans for a total of 145 million rubles.

You can get advice by calling a single business support phone number: 8-800-250-47-31 or by leaving a request on the website invest45.ru