«Kurgan-Energomash» Industrial Park

«Kurgan-Energomash» Industrial Park in Kurgan is one out of 9 industrial parks being created in the region.

Industrial parks are prepared plots of land having clearly stated legal rights, necessary infrastructure and utilities.

The following tax benefits are provided for its tenants:
0% – transport tax
0% – property tax
0% – land tax
13.5% – corporate profit tax

«Kurgan-Energomash» Industrial Park belongs to a mixed type of BROWNFIELD and GREENFIELD. The rental price will be from 90 rubles per 1 sq. m. and from 100 rubles per 1 Ha.

The total area of the industrial park is 11.3 thousand m2 and 12.4 Ha

The area occupied by its tenants is 11.3 thousand m2

The vacant land plot area for its tenants is 8.1 Ha

OOO «TEMPER» (LLC) deals with valve manufacture.
OOO «Metallsnab» (LLC) deals with metalworking.
OOO «LD Pride» (LLC) deals with   valve manufacture.
OOO «Force Production» deals with   valve manufacture.

Stage 1 of the industrial park construction was completed in 2021. The construction of Stage 2 is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2022.