The Export Support Center (a structural division of the «Kurgan Region Investment Agency» Fund) was formed on December 14, 2012 on the basis of the State Unitary Enterprise «Business Incubator of the Kurgan Region» on the initiative and with the financial support of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the Department of Economic Development, Trade and Labor of the Kurgan Region.

The main goal of the Center is to assist small and medium-sized businesses of the Kurgan Region in entering foreign markets.

Almost all the services of the Center are provided free of charge. It does not matter whether your company is already an exporter, or is only considering foreign markets as a foreseeable perspective, the Export Support Center is empowered to provide assistance to all applicants!


1. Information and consulting:
– Sending out newsletters about the Center’s events and other current activities that may be of interest to exporters, about significant events in the field of international economic activities, about potential business partners and commercial inquiries.
– Giving and receiving a feedback from entrepreneurs to executive authorities, including the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.
– Provision of consulting services related to the foreign economic activity of the enterprise.

2. Organizational:
– The Export Support Center organizes various events to make presentations of the regional export products, in particular, it carries out business missions abroad in the countries our entrepreneurs are interested in.
– The Center can provide support in conducting marketing research to assess the foreign market (general information on the market/industry is provided free of charge, the spot analysis is fee-paying, or on co-financing terms, depending on the current budget).
– The Center has an opportunity to search for partners abroad free of charge by sending a request to the Trade Mission of the Russian Federation, or by involving particular foreign operators.
– The Center also publishes information about regional exporters through the electronic resources of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and its partners.

3. Educational
– The Center regularly holds round tables on the most relevant issues, as well as educational seminars, training courses in the field of foreign economic activity inviting competent experts.

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Babushkina Anastasia Nikolaevna

Head of the structural unit «Export Support Center»

+7 (800) 250-47-31