AO "Dalur"
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AO "Dalur"

JSC Dalur is the first enterprise in Russia to extract uranium using the in-situ leaching method.

The enterprise is located in the Dalmatovsky district of the Kurgan region.

JSC Dalur conducts commercial exploitation and development of deposits related to the Trans-Ural uranium ore region.

The method of uranium extraction by the underground leaching method used at the enterprise is the most environmentally friendly of all known methods of mining.

The most important feature of underground leaching is a closed mining process that does not produce waste, which allows avoiding changes in the earth’s surface, the formation of overburden dumps and tailing dumps.

In order to diversify the activities of JSC Dalur and receive additional revenue, the company has developed a technology, designed and built a pilot plant for the associated extraction of scandium at JSC Dalur and the production of aluminum-scandium alloy at JSC Dalur.

Since scandium is mined together with uranium, the overall life cycle of the Scandium project coincides with the life cycle of mining uranium deposits at JSC Dalur.


Website: info@dalur.ru

Address: Kurgan region, Dalmatovsky district, with. Uksyanskoe, st. Lesnaya, 1

Phone: 8 (3522) 60-00-36

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