Branch: Industry
Provided by: ANO “KCISS”
To: Acting entrepreneur

Provision of services in the field of conformity assessment and quality assurance of equipment, products and technologies, including for nuclear facilities, petrochemical, oil and gas production, processing industries and other hazardous industrial facilities and industries, as well as general industrial facilities and industries, including the implementation of measures to improve safety of these objects, as well as assessing the conformity of quality management systems, by performing conformity assessment and quality assurance in the following forms: conformity confirmation, testing (research) and measurements, acceptance, examination of projects of objects, production and technologies, as well as design documentation, calculations and test protocols for equipment and products used for these facilities and industries, and in another form. At the same time, conformity assessment and quality assurance pursues the goal of ensuring the required level of safety of these facilities, industries, technologies and equipment.

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