Sector: Social sphere
Provided by: Department of Economic Development of the Kurgan Region
To: Small and medium-sized businesses included in the Registry of Social Entrepreneurs


The grant is provided in the amount from 100 thousand rubles to 500 thousand rubles, provided that the SMB co-finances at least 50% of the expenses provided by the social enterprise for implementing the project in order to financially support the following expenses:
– rent of non-residential premises for project implementation;
– repair of non-residential premises, including the purchase of construction materials, the equipment necessary for repairing the premises used for the project implementation;
– rent and (or) purchase of office machines and appliances, equipment (including inventory, furniture) used for project implementation;
– payment for the transfer of franchise rights (lump sum);
– technological connection to engineering infrastructure facilities (electric networks, gas supply, water supply, water disposal system, heat supply);
– payment for utilities and power supply services;
– presentation of the intellectual activity results;
– acquisition of fixed assets necessary for project implementation (except for purchasing buildings, structures, land plots, cars);
– re-equipment of vehicles for transportation of low-mobility groups of the population, including the disabled;
– payment for communication services, including the information and telecommunications network ‘Internet’, during project implementation in the field of social entrepreneurship;
– payment for creation of technical support, content, development and promotion of the project in the media and in the information and telecommunications network ‘Internet’ (hosting services, expenses for domain name registration in the information and telecommunications network ‘Internet’ and registration renewal, search optimization costs, services/work to upgrade the site and accounts in the social networks);
– acquisition of software and non-exclusive rights to software (the costs associated with obtaining rights under the license agreement; expenses for software adaptation, configuration, implementation and modification; expenses for software maintenance);
– purchase of raw materials, consumables necessary to produce goods;
– purchase of components when producing and (or) selling medical equipment, prosthetic and orthopedic products, software, as well as technical means that can be used exclusively for prevention of disabilities or rehabilitation (habilitation) of disabled people;
– payment of the first installment (advance payment) under the lease agreement and (or) lease payments;
– implementation of measures to prevent a new coronavirus infection, including measures related to enforcement of the sanitary and epidemiological requirements.

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