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IE Koltashov Oleg Anatolievich

The company has been operating since 2006.

 Individual entrepreneur Koltashov Oleg Anatolyevich is one of the leading enterprises of the Kurgan region in the field of storage, part-time work and wholesale of grain and oilseeds.

A dynamically developing enterprise of the agro-industrial complex, consisting of three elevators and one grain-receiving enterprise, with a total storage capacity of grain and oilseeds up to 170 thousand tons, as well as its own railway rolling stock in the amount of 145 grain carriages of the 19-6870 brand.

The company provides services for the primary processing of agricultural crops, and is also engaged in the acceptance and shipment of agricultural crops by road and rail.


Site: koltashov.com

Address: Kurgan region, Mishkinsky district, r.p. Mishkino

Phone: +7 (3522) 46-49-60