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of the year
of a Logistics Complex

Development of a transport and logistics complex for 60,000 sq. m.

The types of services provided:
1.Warehouse (safe) storage
2. Transport and logistics services (providing you have your own vehicles)
3. Trade and logistics services (shipment of goods to customers)

State support:
1. The provision of a land plot for lease without tender procedures in order to implement large-scale investment projects with the subsequent purchase option
2. Subsidy of equipment leasing up to 50%, up to 50 million rubles
3. Creation of infrastructure at the expense of the regional budget up to 50%
4. Subsidies to reimburse up to 30% of costs for transporting agricultural and food products by rail, motor road and water transport to the borders of the Russian Federation
5. FER loans up to 500 million rubles at 1% per annum
6. Target loan for PSEDA residents in monotowns for up to 15 years
— from 5 to 250 million rubles. — 0% per annum
— from 250 to 1,000 million rubles. —5% per annum