Construction of a slaughterhouse and a workshop for technical products
of a slaughterhouse and a workshop
for technical products
mln. р
MPP "Veles"

The Veles Meat Processing Plant is one of the largest meat processing enterprises in the Urals and Western Siberia. It has been leading its history since 1995.

The production and livestock complex is located in an ecologically clean area of ​​the Kurgan region – the village of Chastoozerie. The logistics warehouse and central office are located in Kurgan.

In the shops of the Veles meat-packing plant, the production of more than 300 types of sausages, meat delicacies and semi-finished products has been mastered.

The capacity of the enterprise reaches 60 tons of finished products per day.

Since 2015, the Veles meat processing plant has been a manufacturer of canned meat and fish.

Since 2020, the Veles enterprise has entered the Russian beer market.

The production workshops are equipped with the latest technological and power equipment, a security control and management system. This allows us to ensure the production of products of the highest quality.

Creation of auxiliary workshops of MPP “Veles” for the creation of an efficiently functioning complex for the production of meat and sausage products. Designed capacity: slaughter of cattle – 80 heads per shift, pigs – 300 heads per shift, production of meat on bones – 20 tons per day.


Site: veles-kurgan.ru

Address: Kurgan Region, Chastoozersky district, with Chastoozerie, st. K. Marx, 88

Telephone: 8 (35230) 9-15-53