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Production of Ceramic Bricks

Setup of ceramic brick production and sales of ceramic bricks to construction companies

State support:
1) The provision of a land plot for lease without tender procedures in order to implement large-scale investment projects with the subsequent purchase option
2) Subsidy of equipment leasing by 50%, up to 50 million rubles.
3) Reimbursement of costs for construction of production facilities up to 50% (up to 5 million rubles)
4) Reimbursement of 50% of costs for infrastructure development

Economic feasibility:
– 52 deposits of brick and tile clays with total reserves in the amount of 69.7 million m3
– With the recovery of the rate of construction in Russia, the expected sales volume will be over 6 billion equivalent bricks
– Availability of land plots ready for construction of the plant with electricity and gas supplied near the deposits