Governor Vadim Shumkov discussed with the Deputy Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Oleg Salagai the development of medicine and the involvement of medical personnel

The issues of attracting and supporting medical personnel in health care institutions and improving the qualifications of doctors became one of the key topics of the working meeting between the Governor of the Kurgan Region Vadim Shumkov and the Deputy Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Oleg Salagai. It was held as part of the visit of the Deputy Minister to the Kurgan region on November 3.

The head of the region thanked the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and Oleg Salagai for their attention to the region. He stressed that in addition to payments under the programs “Zemsky Doctor” and “Zemsky Feldsher” medical workers who live in the region or move from other regions and countries can receive subsidies for the purchase and construction of housing under the program “Russian Dream: Kurgan Region Calls “, a plot for individual housing construction on preferential terms. Additional payments of 300 thousand rubles have been introduced to doctors who come to the region. There are lifting benefits for young doctors. However, in terms of the regulatory framework, it is within the competence of the Ministry of Health to resolve issues that will help increase the percentage of target-oriented graduates who return to the region.

“We talked about the changes that have taken place in the health care system of the Kurgan region. This is a large-scale renovation of a huge number of institutions. This is a supply with the help of the Ministry of Health and with its support of a huge amount of equipment and medical equipment. Of course, there is still a problem that we are working on together with our colleagues. This is a complete set of professional medical personnel for our institutions. I am grateful that Mizdrav and Oleg Olegovich responded to our proposal, despite the fact that the minister and his deputies now have a heavy load. ”

Over the past three years, at the expense of the regional budget, dozens of hospitals in cities and regions have been overhauled, hundreds of units of new equipment have been installed, including high-tech expensive MRI, CT, mammography and fluorographs. For the first time in the past 30 years, two large medical facilities are being built at the same time – the surgical building of the oncologic dispensary and the children’s polyclinic; the plans for 2023 are the construction of a clinical diagnostic center on the territory of the regional clinical hospital.

At the meeting, they also discussed the issues of providing assistance to patients with coronavirus, as well as the work of inpatient and polyclinic medical institutions in general. Before the meeting, Oleg Salagai, together with the Deputy Governor for Social Policy Larisa Kokorina, visited a number of hospitals located in Kurgan, including the second city hospital, the children’s clinic, the emergency hospital, and the first polyclinic.

“Indeed, a lot has been done recently: the modernization program is working, a lot is changing within the framework of the national project“ Healthcare ”. There are issues that need to be addressed in terms of providing medical care for coronavirus infection. Today we went through all the medical institutions that are involved in providing assistance in the city of Kurgan, looked at the hospital and outpatient stages. We looked at the provision of medical care to children and women. We formed a very detailed idea of ​​how today in Kurgan it is necessary to improve the provision of medical care. In general, the tasks are clear, a lot is being done in the region in this direction, and we, for our part, as the Ministry of Health, are actively involved in this work both from the point of view of methodological assistance, and from the point of view of specific assistance both in terms of equipment and in resolving issues. related to personnel “, commented on the results of the meeting with the head of the region and his visit to the Kurgan region as a whole, Oleg Salagay.