A unique residential complex will be built in Kurgan

A modern residential complex with an embankment, campgrounds, beaches, sports and playgrounds, a cafe will appear on the shore of Lake Chernoe in the Kurgan microdistrict Zaozyorny. In the Kurgan region in 2022, they plan to start implementing the first in the region and one of the largest in the country, the project of integrated development of the territory (CDT). Governor Vadim Shumkov discussed the details of the project on December 3 with Gennady Raznitsyn, General Director of Partner-Stroy JSC. After the meeting, the agreements were sealed by an agreement between the company and the administration of the city of Kurgan. It was signed by Gennady Raznitsyn and the head of the regional center Elena Sitnikova.

The area of ​​the building plot for the first KRT project is almost 155 hectares. The creation of a modern residential complex will involve not only the shore of the lake, but also the island, which will make the project unique. A unique infrastructure of the whole city will be created, including everything you need for a comfortable life. Residents of the future complex will be offered a choice of apartments in low and mid-rise apartment buildings ranging from 35 to 90 sq. m. and two-storey townhouses ranging from 80 to 120 sq. m with private terraces or courtyards behind the house. The total area of ​​residential premises in apartment buildings will be more than 330 thousand square meters. m, in townhouses – about 9 thousand sq. m.

“We see several effects of the implementation of this project for the city of Kurgan. The most important thing is the emergence of new comfortable housing, and not only housing, but living conditions. By purchasing housing in such a complex, a person acquires not only an apartment, but also a way of life. When you have your own recreation, convenient access to social, commercial and transport infrastructure, ”Vadim Shumkov emphasized.

In the adjoining territories of the new residential complex, the concept of “courtyard without cars” and a barrier-free environment will be applied. For the convenience of motorists, ground parking will be provided. In addition to playgrounds for children and sports activities, an embankment, a cafe, a restaurant, construction of social facilities is planned as part of the project. Social and transport infrastructure in Zaozyorny has been actively developing over the past three years. For example, a school, a children’s clinic, and three kindergartens are under construction in this macro-district. Plans for 2022 include the start of construction of a swimming pool and a cultural development center. Also in the coming years, it is planned to build and repair roads.

“In our projects, we pay special attention to architecture – the new residential complex will be made in a laconic Scandinavian style, and environmental friendliness – houses from a silicate block of our own production, which is made of sand, lime and water. It is the most environmentally friendly material after birch. One of the unique features of the new microdistrict will be its location – on the shore of the lake, and we have carefully approached the development of the infrastructure of the residential complex so that residents have the opportunity to comfortably spend time near their home, ”said Gennady Raznitsyn, General Director of Partner-Stroy.

More affordable comfortable housing in the new complex for residents of the region will be made by regional support measures operating within the framework of the project “The Russian Dream: Kurgan Region is Calling”:

“We pay the residents of the Kurgan region and those who move to the region, when buying an apartment on a mortgage, 300 thousand rubles, when buying low-rise housing, building your own house – half a million rubles,” the governor said.

In addition, in order to reduce the cost of housing for residents of the region, opportunities are being considered to assist the investor in the construction of networks, including a new mechanism – a federal infrastructure loan, the rate of which is up to 3% per annum.

The construction of the complex on the shore of Lake Chernoe is not the only KRT project that is planned to be implemented in the Kurgan Region. A bank of land plots has been created in the region, which includes 1,187 hectares of vacant land. Until 2030, it is planned to involve undeveloped plots with an area of ​​259.4 hectares under KRT, where it is planned to build at least 600 thousand square meters. m of housing and 50 thousand sq. m of commercial real estate. He added that the implementation of such large-scale housing projects stimulates the development of the economy, enterprises that are engaged in the construction and production of building materials, and the creation of new jobs.