«Kurganskii» Industrial Park

«Kurganskii» Industrial Park is one out of the 9 industrial parks being created on the territory of the Kurgan Region.

Industrial parks are prepared plots of land having clearly stated legal rights, necessary infrastructure and utilities.

The following tax benefits are provided for its tenants:
0% – transport tax
0% – property tax
0% – land tax
13.5% – corporate profit tax

«Kurganskii» Industrial Park belongs to the BROWNFIELD type. The rental price will be from 90 rubles per 1 sq. m.  and from 100 rubles for 1 Ha.

The park comprises three buildings. The total area of the park is 77.34 thousand m2 and 24.7 Ha.

The vacant area for its tenants is 30.4 thousand m2.

The area occupied by its tenants is 46.98 thousand m2

Building # 11
The area for its tenants is 46.6 thousand m2

Building # 3Б
The area for its tenants is 7.28 thousand m2

Building # 38
The area for its tenants is 23.46 thousand m2

The vacant area of the land plots for its tenants is 8.86 Ha

OOO «Kurgantruboprovodstroi» (LLC) produces building materials, construction as well as electric and thermal energy, power equipment operation.
Kurgan Plant of Complex Technologies produces generation and ancillary equipment containerized.
Kurgan Plant of Power Engineering Technologies produces plastic pipes in PU and Foam-Polymer Mineral insulation for housing and utilities infrastructure.
«Litproekt» produces package printing and various types of printed products.
«Farm-Print», production of printed products.
Kurgan Instrument-Making Plant produces smart metering devices and communications electronic equipment as well production of LED street lamps.
«Creative Technologies» Company produces heaters and fitting products for heat supply systems.
OOO «Citypoint Production» (LLC) produces GLONASS/GPS telematics systems for transport control.
OOO «Stroisfera» (LLC produces building materials, construction works.
OOO «Lyubimyi Gorod» (LLC) provides cleaning of residential buildings and non-residential premises.
OOO Internet Technologies (LLC) deals with the creation of databases and information resources.
OOO «KhCES-Operator» (LLC) provides services in collection of non-hazardous waste.
OOO «ERC ‘Progress» (LLC) is the printing center of printed products. Furniture production.
OOO «Spektr» (LLC) provides services in electrical installation.

The construction of Stages 1 and 2 has been completed. The construction of Stage 3 is scheduled to begin in 2022.