«Dalmatovskii» Industrial Park

«Dalmatovskii» Industrial Park is one out of the 9 industrial parks being created on the territory of the Kurgan Region.

Industrial parks are prepared plots of land having clearly stated legal rights, necessary infrastructure and utilities.

The following tax benefits are provided for its tenants:
0% – transport tax
0% – property tax
0% – land tax
13.5% – corporate profit tax

«Dalmatovskii» Industrial Park belongs to the GREENFIELD type. The rental price will be from 100 rubles per 1 Ha.

The total area of the industrial park is 12.6 thousand m2 and 30 hectares

Potential tenants:
OOO Dalmatovskii pipe plant (LLC)
OOO «DSK Dalmatovo» (LLC)
OOO «Dalmatovskaya resina» (LLC)
PE Pokhodenko D. D. produces rubber and plastic products
PE Tishkov A.S. deals with metalworking.
PE Tishkov S.A. produces different non-metallic mineral products.
OOO «GeoVells» (LLC) produces different components and accessories for motor vehicles.
OOO Dalmatovskii machine-building plant (LLC) produces vehicle bodies.
PE Usachev S. A. produces lifting and transport equipment.
PE Petrova O.A. owns woodworking shop.
PE Filimonova E.P. produces expanded polystyrene.
PE Pokhodenko E.A. produces metal sheets.
OOO «PEK» (LLC) is a chemical production for structural panels of the «PressTeck« brand.P
E Tishkova O.V. produces slab insulation for building structures, for producing commercial construction products.

The construction of ‘Dalmatovskii Industrial Park is scheduled to be implemented in 2 stages
Stage 1: 2022 — 6,300 m2
Stage 2: 2023 — 6,300 m2