The Structural Subdivision «Kurgan Regional Engineering Center» of the «Kurgan Regional Technological Development Agency» Fund

The Kurgan Regional Engineering Center was founded in 2015 with the participation of the Department of Economic Development of the Kurgan Region and works to support small and medium-sized businesses of the Kurgan Region operating in industrial and/or agricultural production sector.

The Kurgan Regional Engineering Center is a competence center designed to create an engineering infrastructure in the region and facilitate an access for small and medium-sized businesses to new technologies, modernization and technical re-equipment.

The Center provides a range of services in the following areas:
–  development, modernization and introduction of new technologies into the production process
–  cost reduction and increase in labor productivity;
–  digitalization of production;
–  development of technical solutions (projects, plans) on technical production management, cost reduction of production processes/projects, installation and commissioning, equipment operation, personnel training, optimization of technological processes, project management and consulting in the field of production organization and development
–   procurement of financing for investment projects implementation;
–  legal protection and protection of exclusive rights to the results of intellectual activity;
– promotional support of new types of products, goods;
– auditing services – managerial, financial, technical, environmental, energy, and other types of production audits;
– obtaining permits to enter domestic and foreign markets, the markets of large customers.

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Olga Igorevna Ergardt

Deputy General Director of the Foundation «Agency for Technological Development of the Kurgan Region», head of the structural unit «Kurgan Regional Engineering Center»

8 (800) 250 47 31 (ext. 404)