The microcredit company ‘Microfinance Fund of the Kurgan Region’ provides microloans to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs (aged 18 to 65 years) included in the register of SMBs, registered in the Kurgan Region and carrying out their financial and economic activities for more than 3 months.

Primary requirements:
– Collateral security for the entire loan amount, including interest
– Warrantee: a spouse for sole proprietors, founders for legal entities

The maximum loan amount is 5 million rubles. Interest rate is from 0.1% per annum

Microloans are provided for a period of two years for construction and total renovation of buildings and premises, purchase of machinery and equipment, purchase of farm animals, site improvements, as well as for working capital.

Any organization or entrepreneur related to small and medium-sized businesses, or self-employed, registered and operating in the Kurgan Region, can receive a microloan.

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Natalia Shutova

Executive Director of the Microfinance Fund of the Kurgan Region

+7 (800) 250-47-31 (ext. 401)