Autonomous non-profit organization «Kurgan Center for Testing, Certification and Standardization of Pipeline Fittings» (ANO «KCTCS») was founded on November 25, 2015 in Kurgan, the Kurgan Region in the form of an autonomous non-profit organization without membership, based on voluntary asset contributions from the Founders.

ANO «KCTCS» was founded to provide services in the field of conformity assessment and quality revalidation of equipment, products and technologies, including for nuclear energy facilities, petrochemical, oil and gas production, processing plants and other hazardous industrial facilities and production sites, as well as general industrial facilities and manufacturing facilities, including the measures to improve the safety of these facilities, as well as conformity assessment of quality management systems, by performing conformity assessment and quality assurance in the following forms:
– confirmation of conformity
–  tests (research) and measurements
–  acceptance,
– project examination of facilities, manufacturing facilities and technologies, as well as design documentation, calculations and test reports on equipment and products used for these facilities and manufacturing facilities, and in another form. At the same time, conformity assessment and quality assurance aim to ensure the necessary level of safety of these facilities, manufacturing facilities, technologies and equipment.

In the period from 2015 to 2017, ANO «KCTCS» receives funding under the Federal Program «Creation and (or) Development of the Centers for Certification, Standardization and Testing (for collective use of data)».

The main objectives of ANO «KCTCS» are:
1. Ensuring an access of small and medium-sized enterprises working in the field of valve engineering to modern test bench equipment for certification, resource and complex tests during the development and exploitation of new pipeline valves.
2. Shortening the development, testing and production development of new high-tech pipeline valves.
3. Attracting a wide range of valve enterprises, especially SMBs, to participate in R&D in priority areas, primarily the development of innovative diagnostic technologies necessary for further maintenance of modern pipeline valves.
4. Increasing the share of high-tech, import-substituting products in the total volume of products produced by industrial enterprises of the Kurgan Region and the Ural region.
5. Creation of favorable conditions to increase the number of innovative small and medium-sized businesses working in the field of pipeline valve construction in the Kurgan Region and professional development of SMB specialists engaged in research and inventive activities.

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Fedin Sergey Alexandrovich

General Director of the autonomous non-profit organization «Kurgan Center for Testing, Certification and Standardization of Pipeline Valves»

+7 (3522) 22-27-29