The structural division of the «Kurgan Region Investment Agency» Fund, Business Incubator provides support to entrepreneurs at an early stage of their activities by leasing non-residential premises equipped with all necessary equipment and furniture for work on preferential terms and delivering various additional services to provide the most comfortable conditions for successful business development in the region.


The business incubator is a catalyst for the process of creating and raising small enterprises, providing them with integrated support and project guiding to integrate them in the business environment.

The goal of the activity:

To create an entrepreneurial environment, to provide conditions to create and develop small enterprises in priority areas

The major task:

To create the conditions for sustainable development of enterprises at the initial stage of their activities. To provide material, technical, informational, consulting and other necessary services to entrepreneurs who have passed the competitive selection, full-service support of their business projects during the entire period of being in the business incubator.

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Gerasimov Vasily Viktorovich

Head of Business Incubator Division

+7 (800) 250-47-31 (ext. 306)